Kickoff workshop to decarb:HEALTHCARE

Workshop Date:


Keynote kickoff event and debut of the Online Platform Guidebook.


Introductory Remarks:

  • - Walt Vernon, Mazzetti
  • - Robyn Rothman - Healthcare Without Harm
  • - Daniel Mendonsa - UC Davis Health
  • - Bradley Meister - California Energy Commission

Program Overview: Austin Barolin, Mazzetti


  • - Dr. Dick Jackson, UCLA
  • - Dave Lockhart, CSHE

Project Overview: Cassidy Thompson, Mazzetti

Introduction to Decarb:Healthcare: Troy Savage, Mazzetti

Final Keynote: Dave Mason, OSHPD


Upcoming Workshops


  • - Identify goal to decarbonize in Hospitals and define path to eliminating onsite combustion in hospitals.
  • - Understand the nuances of applying various decarbonizing strategies.
  • - Identify regulation relevant to the application of some decarbonizing strategies.
  • - Discover a new online community and tool to start sharing more knowledge and information on this topic of decarbonizing healthcare.


Current State:

  • - There is an urgent need for decarbonization in the U.S. Healthcare industry.
  • - The US Healthcare industry's activities are responsible for nearly 10% of all national GHG emissions.
  • - According to the EPA, carbon dioxide stays in the air for 100 years, which will affect the next four generations of people.


  • - The Healthcare design community has a responsibility to act and chagne the way we design and operate hospitals.
  • - The California Energy Commission is funding grant research and development to write the Guidebook for Decarbonizing Healthcare.
  • - decarb:HEALTHCARE is an online platform where the design and healthcare community can come together to discuss advanced technical solutions to decarbonize facilities, share experiences, knowledge, ideas, and other thoughts, and to enable and motivate the deisgn community to implement these technologies now.

Call to Action:

  • - All that are interested and share the same passion and urgency to combat Climate Change, are welcome to join the platform at
  • - A community portal and curated technology database will be available soon.
  • - The development team plans to hold at least 7 additional workshops focused on different technologies to drive discussions and engagement from the community. More information on those workshops will be available on the decarb:Healthcare platform.